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My 6 yr old grandson has been missing for 2 yrs now. Mother won’t let us see him ever since her boyfriend committed a murder she fled instead turning to family she’s isolated our baby boy. I’m a Godly woman and raised this little boy for 3 years. In half an hour as I’m writing this is his biological fathers birthday who is in prison but my husband Is “Apa” that was in his life before the man who is the father figure now who has converted them Muslim and now calls him a Muslim name. I need prayer warriors to intercede God please help🙏

Please pray for my son, his salvation, his marriage, children and wife. My son walked away from God a few years ago (doesn’t believe God exists) and left his wife 7 months ago. They have a 6 year-old son and an 8 month-old daughter. I am asking prayer warriors to mobilize and please pray that God will lead my son to true salvation and that my son will return to his home to be a godly father and husband. Please pray too for my daughter-in-law who is broken, hurt and so weary from praying and trying her best to trust God for restoration. Also, please ask God to give me (his mom) wisdom as I counsel my daughter-in-law during this time, and may God open lines of communication for me with my son.

All my needs continued to be met all the days of my life. That I stay in position to receive all that God has for me. This is a prayer of agreement thank you

Please pray for Carol, a wonderful friend, who had open heart surgery and has been on and on the ventilator to help her breath since. Pray she can breathe on her own, and heal.

Please pray for my family health and for me to be able to move into a home by my mother she is older and I don’t want to be far from her. I have overcome a difficult past and God has made me a new woman I’m so grateful for God and the fish radio station. Thank you

Heavenly Father, please hold me close to you as I undergo my spinal surgery Thursday November 14th. Please be with the entire Surgical team and give my Surgeon steady hands. Please be with my husband, children and parents in the hours as the wait for me to wake. Lord I ask that you help to calm my fears and allow me to wake after the Surgery is done and embrace my children. In Jesus name- Amen

Prayer for God to bless my current dating relationship. For help to take next steps towards commitment and marriage if the right fit. If not the right fit, for God to lead me and the other person(s) who best complement ourselves to each other by end of fall (in time for kids!). Praying that current situation works out—however, as we do complement each other well.

I am praying for a car to end up in my driveway. I don't care how small it is or if it has minor cosmetics. Being on SSI it's hard to find a vehcile. I can't depend on someone to take me places or take my son to school because my dad is dying and he has to have 2/3 people 24/7 around at all times. If I depend on a ride that makes less people with him and I don't want that. I am praying to God that a miracle will happen and give me such a relief. Oct and the start of Nov is already a bad month. Even if someone has a small car for cheap that I can give $200 a month for! I really appreciate it!!! Hopefully by Thanksgiving! Thank you! Please pray for miracles!

Please pray for my health to get better. I'm a diabetic and my blood sugars have been really high and I'm taking a ton of medication. Also, I found out one of my sisters in Christ has an inoperable brain tumor, and she was told she doesn't have long to live. Please pray that she is at peace and not scared to pass, so that she can be hopeful and happy that she will see God and Jesus soon. Please pray comfort for her and her family and friends. Her name is Karen. Thank you so much. Blessings to you!

Believing God for major financial breakthrough and becoming debt free and better stewards of what we have especially with handling monies in Jesus Name. God know we need help in this area. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

Please pray for me that a job will open soon I haven't worked ,I apply but no news . Thank you

Please, pray mileage and payroll is deposited into our accounts as agreed by employer. Thank you in advance.

prayer the transitions are smoother from parent to parent and that co-parenting and real healing comes for my family. Prayer for Dahlia is received rest

Please pray for Mr & Mrs Jackson, an elderly couple that is homeless right now and living out of their vehicle. They both love the Lord and are trusting in Him to provide them with a home. They also both need healing in their body.


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