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PRAY Storm Gabrielle will not rain on the BAHAMAS

Hello My name is Ericka Please pray for me I need a miracle from God to be able to get a job at Carnival Cruise Line. Also for Nicole that has an Mat Exam and also bachillerato exams she can pass them. And also for all the petitions of my heart. I need a miracleless breacktrough in my life at this point please pray for this. Also for Melany so that we can have a great Relationship. I thank God in advance. Praise the Lord.

Employment needs

For a difficult situation I am facing. Someone I know is causing trouble.

Prayers for healing for a long time couple that many in their lives believed would become married that recently broke up shocking us. Prayers that somehow the friendship I formed with them as a couple will continue individually and that through God's guidance I may bring them some comfort and peace through friendship.

May I request once again prayer for Uyghurs? About 3 months ago I requested prayer,thank you for your prayer.Currently in Xinjiang have dispatched 1.12 million public officials who are living 'inside' every house of Uyghurs surveil 10 Uyghurs per 1 personnel.There have built which detain 3 million people's 'The biggest concentration camp in human history' torture,organ harvesting,sterilization,compulsory drugs are escalating/Sky rocketing. 2) This video shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us6_t4i37Ho whole Chinese church/religious people persecution process,The facial recognition cameras (200 million) with professional investigation squads are surveilling every movement,every churches.Lastly the list of 310 concentration camps and details of some : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_re-education_through_labor_camps_in_China;Lastly according to 'Free Tibet' Website there have 1 million people dead now since 1959 Chinese government rule,please pray for them,and Chinese Christians.

We pray that we would have righteousness at every level of government inthe states affect by Storm Dorian, beginning in our homes, asking that God would rule in our hearts and minds.. We pray that God would give our National Guard, Coast Guard, firefighters, policemen, utility workers, road crews, municipal workers and aid workers and ourselves an understanding of the responsibility that they have in selecting leaders that honor God. We pray God to give Christians inthe states affect by Storm Dorian an understanding of the unique privilege they have to govern themselves. We pray for a restoration of civic unity and order inthe states affect by Storm Dorian, which begins with an understanding of civil government’s limited, but God-ordained role. We pray for those who have been selected by the people to lead our communities, states, and our nation. We ask God to give them a heart of reverence for Him and His word, which is the foundation of understanding of the application of justice

Prayers for those in the path of hurricane Dorian that God would protect and watch over and give wisdom for those who need to evacuate and especially care for the elderly and infirm.For Brenda and comfort over her knee pain until she can have surgery.For my feelings of false guilt and condemnation that feed my need to perform for God and the world around me.Protection and a kind and less selfish spirit at work today.In Jesus name Amen

Pray for my daughter to come back home and restore her marriage to listen to God and not herself and her name is Marcella thank you

Mrs Mickey
Peace against the enemies attacks at work. Grace and kindness for my coworkers and customers.

My prayer request is that we will get a home that we don't have to move from. We can finally settled down and old are home. We keep having to move from house to house, place to place. We don't want to have to give up everything that we have including our animals. We want to move once and for all and just own our place. We have till October 2nd 2019 to find a place and be in that place.

I am praying continually that our adult children, Derek, Lauren & Connor will commit their lives to Christ.

Remove all curses, condemnation, damnation or any other unwanted or unknown anything that is making me unhappy. Please pray for me daily. Hourly if you can??

Please pray for my sister Gail and her beloved small dog Jack. On Monday, they were attacked by a loose pit bull. My sister has emotion challenges and this traumatic event has caused her enormous suffering and anxiety. Jack is in critical condition and should have died twice since the attack. He had surgery to fix a crushed rib cage and puncture wounds in his chest and abdomen. His front right leg will need to be amputated and he suffered a dislocated hip. He made it through surgery just fine but still isn't out of the woods yet. I believe that God saved Jack through this terrible attack and that he will make it through and come home to my sister where she needs him desperately. Please pray for Jack and my sister. God place healing hands on them through this time and bring comfort and peace. In Jesus Christ's precious name, we pray. Amen.

Please pray that God would soften my wife heart and she would hange her mind about divorce. That she would return to our marriage. Thank you


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