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Prayers for the lonely with mandatory isolation many will experience depression and loneliness.No church. No fellowship etc. Even if they don't get the virus and incomes that are challenged.

Please pray for us to get our bills paid on time, with this virus situation I am slow at work (I work on commission). Thank you, I appreciate it!

Pray for protection against Chris friends

I would like favor to be accepted in the prison Ministries team I've been in prison myself so that might hold back the approval I know God can intervene so I'm asking for favor also for Christian husband

Every time for the last 5 years or so there's an employee at a store I go to who consistently makes rude and belligerent comments about why I'm there and I need prayer for strength from The Lord to hear His voice and not give into the temptation to give the devil an opportunity or blame God

Please pray for my fiance (Jeff Patrick) he's doin medical mission in Malaysia and end up getting stuck there for 3 years, cuz the custom asked to pay huge amount of tax. He's getting sick there without any body. Please pray that God will make a way soon...thank you n God bless!

Please help pray for healing from adultery in our marriage! My husband is broken and need to be able to trust in the Lord and have faith again! Thank you !

Please pray for my prodigal daughter Missy. Please pray that God intervenes in her life and she repents and follows Jesus. Please also pray she comes back home. Thank you so much.

Hi, I feel like I'm losing my faith. I constantly seek God and it seems like life just gets increasingly difficult. His promises haven't come true for me in what is almost 7 years of this. I really need a miracle & God to just bless me as I hoped for. Especially for, sustained deliverance from all afflictions, healing, blessed finances, and all these trials lifted away from me and my loved ones. May we finally be set free and delivered from all stuff we go through. Thanks so much for praying. I really appreciate it.

Please pray for my marriage ask my husband Jason is struggling but the finding a path to our Lord Jesus Christ he's struggling with drug abuse and deceitfulness in our marriage and I'm having major heartbreak my heart has become hardened and I don't feel like I'm The Good Wife that I should be in supporting him I too suffer with addiction and almost 3 years clean and sober and want to remain that way please pray for us.

Hi, hope you have a wonderful day. Please, pray for an absolute deliverance, healing, and just lifting of any afflictions going on in loved ones and myself. May all hate, anger, malice lifted from us and we set free from such temptations forever. May the Lord lift away all spiritual warfare from us, turn any wrath towards us and have infinite mercy over us all our lives as well as our finances. Please also pray the Lord blesses me as I have been hoping for over a lot of difficult situations in my life and answers my prayers. Thanks so much!

Thank you for coming alongside me in prayer. Please pray for my health and back. I feel like I'm at a breaking point and desperately need God's healing power and provision. God bless

Prayers for my friend Bill, who is struggling financially, struggling with feeling loved, feeling worth, alienated from his family, but more important, doesn't know Jesus Christ.

Prayer for more online students. We could use the extra money for our family.

Please pray for my healing! I’ve been sick twice this year already. Just finished the course of antibiotics recently. Today symptoms came back all of a sudden. Please pray for Jesus to heal me. I can’t miss work anymore....and can’t work sick either. Thank you !


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