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Prayer for more online students. We could use the extra money for our family.

Please pray for my healing! I’ve been sick twice this year already. Just finished the course of antibiotics recently. Today symptoms came back all of a sudden. Please pray for Jesus to heal me. I can’t miss work anymore....and can’t work sick either. Thank you !

I am in need of major direction, guidance, provision, and just newness/change. I feel like I have been stuck in the same rut for far too long doing the same old things. Things have been very mundane, boring, and frustrating, including the job that I have. I know God has so much more for me yet I have been struggling to find what that is. I am in need of a great change and would even like to get out on my own. I am asking that you would please pray that God would open new doors for me and close the unnecessary ones, that He would give me wisdom, great grace, favor, and plenty of provision in order to move forward, that He would lead me and guide me down an amazing path, that He would bring all the right people into my life while removing the unnecessary ones as well, that He would help me find a great and healthy community, and that He would help me to find a great college to attend. I definitely need your prayers and God's help. However God leads you to pray regarding these requests, t

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s salvation. Eric needs Jesus. Please pray God to open Eric’s eyes to see his needs for Jesus. Please pray God give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus, repent, and be saved!! You know how important salvation. Please pray for Eric’s salvation!

Please pray that I will have a new job asap which is better in terms of pay and position than my most current one,and that I will be able to start right away in Jesus mighty name this we claim Amen.

Hi! Please, continue to pray for healing, sustained deliverance from all afflicitions, strongholds, maliciousness, anger, resentment and all issues for my loved ones and myself. It's been a tough season and asking for prayers for all trials and these things tormenting us be lifted forever. May God grant my righteous desires and refresh me and chelss. She's my rock thru all this. Thanks so much for praying!!! =)

I pray that demons are out of my life the rest of my life. Please ask Him for me. Thank you. :)

Hi! I just want to say thank you as the prayers have been showing progress. Chelsee & I are very protected as we have had break-ins and issues with vagrants. And my friend is semi-coming back. We are taking her to the beach and just asking for traveling mercies, we all have sound minds, peace, sustained deliverance from all torment & good days only. May God continue to protect me, Chelss, our homes & our coworkers. Thanks so much for the love and support!!! =)

Hi, hope your day is awesome. =) I'm drained from everything going on and need to be refreshed. My friend who was suicidal needs like 24/7 care and I can't be there all the time. I'm feeling depressed and stressed out. I really just need God to deliver that person and give me peace of mind. Please, continue to pray for strength, protection, deliverance from all afflictions & healing for myself and Chelsee. May God infinitely protect us, not let anyone harm, rob do anything against us and stop these trials in our lives. It's been so sketchy around our homes and work lately. Thanks so much!

I am asking for prayers as days are getting tough. My father was diagnosed w 3rd stage cancer back in July 2019. Sept he was rushed to the hospital having difficulties in breathing. They had him on a ventilator to help him breathe but that didn't help much. They did emergency surgery day after and put in a trach and a feeding tube. My father was in ICU for 19 days and was able to come home after 2 rounds of chemo and to continue at home. Within 7 hours of being home, my father was relaxing in his recliner when he had a massive stroke which paralyzed him. My dad can no longer talk,walk,and do normal activities he used to do. He was given 6 months back in October and things are getting more difficult w him pain wise. He can't even do chemo and radiation now and the mass has grown twice the size and affecting his breathing more. I pray 3 times a day but asking for more prayers for my father Gregory!! Please pray. Thank you!

Pray for healing, difficulty, and miracle concerns. Pray for peace, that I'd surrender control to God in all areas always, leave results to Him, for angelic protection/ministry, and for an overwhelming breakthrough in my prayer life. I need to come before God's throne with boldness and confidence. Petition God for this to happen, to settle conscience issues favorably, for faith concerns, that I'd trust God's faithfulness and immutability, and for unspoken requests. Ask the Lord to address friendship concerns. Thanks.

Whisper a prayer everyone. Please pray that Dakota Bentley breaks up with Abigail Nicole Roberts sometime soon. She isn’t the right person for him. Please pray they break up soon before it’s gets too late 2020 thank you

Please pray for me not to get picked for jury duty. I can't afford to be off work, I am struggling now to get my bills paid. Thank you, I appreciate it!

Please pray for my son Julian 26 he had his gall bladder removed and now the dr think he has ulcers please pray his body will function normally agian and his bowls as well please

My husband Greg having his 5th surgery today on his hip. Jan19-2020 was a year since he had a tiny red bump that now is lg wounds on his hip and knee down to the bone prayers and guidance for the doctors also


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