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Keynote Speaker David Dravecky:

- David shares his story, one of hope, courage and perseverance in the midst of dark and overwhelming uncertainty! - Former Major League Baseball player with the San Diego Padres (1982 to 87) and the S.F. Giants (1987 to 89). 

- Reaching his career peak, cancer was discovered and half of his deltoid muscle was removed. He made an amazing comeback, beating the cancer, and pitched a 4-3 win for the S.F. Giants. Five days later, 8/10/89, a pitch he made could be heard as his arm split in two. Life changed.

- Author of “Comeback” selling 650,000 copies of his triumphant defeat and return, and “The Worth of a Man” of the impact of the amputation and the stripping of his identity . . . until it was rebuilt with faith.

- Dave and wife, Jan, founded Dave Dravecky’s Outreach of Hope, a ministry to bring hope to those who hurt. 

Comedian Nazareth:

- Nazareth has visited over 200 prisons and death row facilities in the United States, bringing laughter to even the most unexpected places...

- Nazareth, originally from the Holy Land, has been honing his talents as a comedian for 25 years.

- Attended college at the University of Toledo Ohio, uprooted from Kuwait with nothing other than a passion to make the most of the life he has been given.

- His passion for comedy ignited when he asked himself one day, “What do I want to do in life that if I never get paid for it, I’d still do it to the best of my ability?” Making people laugh was the only thing that came to mind. 


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