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Travel to Alaska On The Deeper Faith Cruise

9:00 PM on Friday, August 27 - 8:59 PM on Saturday, September 4

Join Alistair Begg and dive into God’s Word, seeking Him together amid this glorious landscape! Experience Alaska from the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship as we travel between and explore spectacular ports. Enjoy fellowship with other believers, world-class dining, worship with Laura Story and Michael O’Brien, and most importantly, opportunities to deepen your faith as Alistair leads us in studying Scripture. 

Weekend Family Fun

Friday, April 9
Repeats every day .

Fun events and activities for your family this weekend around Sacramento.

Local Community Events

Wednesday, February 3

Check out local community events in our area.

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Drive-Thru Difference

Whether you're getting a quick bite for lunch at your favorite fast food joint, picking up a latte at a café, or in line buying movie tickets — there are plenty of ways to bless someone you don't even know!

30 Days of Positive

Take our “30 Days of Positive” challenge to see how a simple change in your radio station can make a difference!

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