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Travel to Alaska On The Deeper Faith Cruise

9:00 PM on Friday, August 27 - 8:59 PM on Saturday, September 4

Join Alistair Begg and dive into God’s Word, seeking Him together amid this glorious landscape! Experience Alaska from the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship as we travel between and explore spectacular ports. Enjoy fellowship with other believers, world-class dining, worship with Laura Story and Michael O’Brien, and most importantly, opportunities to deepen your faith as Alistair leads us in studying Scripture. 

Weekend Family Fun

Friday, February 26
Repeats every day .

Fun events and activities for your family this weekend around Sacramento.

Local Community Events

Wednesday, February 3

Check out local community events in our area.

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Drive-Thru Difference

Whether you're getting a quick bite for lunch at your favorite fast food joint, picking up a latte at a café, or in line buying movie tickets — there are plenty of ways to bless someone you don't even know!

30 Days of Positive

Take our “30 Days of Positive” challenge to see how a simple change in your radio station can make a difference!

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