Phil Wickham - 'Till I Found You' (Official Video)

In light of everything the world has to offer - no matter how great or how horrible - Jesus still offers more!  Phil Wickham encourages everyone to stop their pursuits of, or hangups in, temporary things.  These things will never satisfy till you find Jesus!

Here's Phil's "Till I Found You" music video....

“’Till I Found You’ was a song that came out of a really specific moment. I was leading worship at this church I lead at regularly called Harvest Christian Fellowship, one Wednesday night. At the end of these services sometimes the pastor Greg Laurie will give an opportunity to respond to the gospel. You know sometimes it’s four people, sometimes it’s fifteen. I just remember a flood of people started walking forward and getting hit by the beauty of that moment, where people are finding God for the first time and saying ‘Jesus I realize my need for you.’ The Lord spoke to my heart that these people were finding for the first time a love and a relationship that will last forever and never fail.” – Phil Wickham

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