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Mike Donehey Tests Positive For COVID A Second Time

Former Tenth Avenue North frontman, Mike Donehey, announced on his Instagram that he has tested positive for COVID for a 2nd time.  Despite the bad news, the singer/songwriter seemed upbeat.  That could be partly because of the good news he also had to share with fans - he's working on a second book. 

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Flourish, the new album from Mike Donehey, is out now through Fair Trade Services. Fans got a chance to hear Flourish in advance when Donehey celebrated the release of his album earlier this week with a live stream album release show, and now the album is available everywhere.

RELATED: Mike Donehey Releases First Book

He’s a songwriter, performing artist, author, podcaster, and most importantly husband and father, but for Mike Donehey, learning to embrace the unexpected has been the very thing that continually brings forth encouraging and soul-healing music. It’s the unexpected that has a way of disrupting our lives in ways we might not have ever chosen.

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