Mandisa on Relationships: Do Men Want To Be Pursued?

We all know and love the amazing singer Mandisa.  But what about the single woman Mandisa?  What are her thoughts and convictions about dating, flirting, pursuing men, and marriage?  Here's the launch of her video podcast, titled, "What if We Were Real"; showing a personal side to Mandisa, along with a panel of friends and Christian Music artists as they discuss these and other topics. 

Always trying to expand her outreach to audiences, "What if We Were Real" is only one outlet by which the former American Idol contestant shares with fans. She is currently doing an Encountering God study via her Twitter, and prior to the COVID pandemic, Mandisa hosted a Girls Night Live Tour along with other female singers.

And here is episode 3 of "What If We Were Real", where she discusses what the genders are thinking...

Mandisa's music is accompanied by a willingness to be totally transparent and vulnerable about her journey. She’s reconnecting with people after a well-publicized bout with depression, losing the weight, and writing and recording.  “My hope is that people will be on this journey with me. When I began, I was in a really dark place, but where I am today is so much better and so much lighter. He pulled me out of the dark! I’m hoping that the same way that God is restoring me, that He will restore those who listen to it.”

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