Lauren Daigle - "Trust in You" (Official Music Video)

Trusting in what our eyes don't see, even when we need it most - that's the message behind Lauren Daigle's grooving worship song, "Trust in You".  Catch Lauren in this intimate performance of this song with a BIG lesson!

"Trust in You" is from Lauren's debut album, How Can It Be.  The singer has become a household name in Christian music. Her first album How Can It Be debuted at #1 on the Billboard Christian charts in 2015—and is still making ripples.  Her first trip to the Dove Awards was a staggering success, with a take-home of the coveted New Artist of the Year award and Song of the Year for “How Can it Be,” Daigle has cemented her place and indelible role in an industry she once doubted she could ever belong.

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