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for King & Country: Behind the Scenes of Their Powerful Video 'God Only Knows'

For King & Country has always packed a meaningful message in their music; but now, critics are calling “God Only Knows” their most personal and powerful song yet! 

The response from the song has been overwhelming, in part because of the emotionally intense music video the band has produced.  It portrays a young woman contemplating suicide, and how the intervention of a friend changes the trajectory of her life. 

Brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone take us behind the scenes of the filming of the “God Only Knows” video – to get the full picture of what the band wanted to communicate…

On their Youtube channel, Luke and Joel Smallbone wrote, “We wanted to share with you a bit of the story & a behind-the-scenes look at filming our music video for #GodOnlyKnows.. we had quite the long day, beared a storm ⛈, and even ventured the great city of Chattanooga TN....”

The band told CCM Magazine, “We’ve walked with those we love as they’ve battled through loneliness, we’ve heard your stories of great loss, and lately, we’ve seen several in the public eye take their own lives. In turn, we were compelled to write and portray an honest, yet hopeful, song for us all during difficult seasons.”

for KING & COUNTRY recently took to social media to raise awareness for a few causes close to their heart, including human trafficking and suicide prevention. The response they have gotten since has been overwhelming. Fans from all over the world left comments describing their own experiences with depression and anxiety, crediting “God Only Knows” for helping them through some of the toughest times of their lives.

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