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Music Review: Peter Furler, "On Fire"

Furler's comeback album isn't an especially inventive endeavor, it's nonetheless an extremely endearing project.

Music Review - Tricia Brock, "The Road"

Superchick lead singer Tricia Brock's debut as a solo artist, The Road, takes a softer and more personal turn from her usual rock tendencies.

Music Review: Building 429, "Listen To The Sound"

If Listen to the Sound is the measuring stick of Building 429's musicianship, the bar remains terribly low with their best probably behind them.

Music Review: Nicole C. Mullen Makes a Joyful Noise on "Captivated"

While Mullen has never recorded a full-on praise album in her 20-year (!!!) career, she's always been a worshipper at heart. So with that said, it's really no surprise that she's finally getting around to releasing one now.

Music Review: Laura Story, "Blessings"

Worshipful pop, or pop-tinted worship?

Music Review: Jonny Diaz, "Jonny Diaz"

Diaz appears to have perfected the art of writing catchy pop songs.

Music Review: Passion, "Here For You"

Worship Continues on Passion's Here for You. Chris Tomlin leads another excellent Passion compilation …

Music Review: Josh Wilson, "See You"

See You combines the mellow but heartfelt style from his debut with the solid pop sound of Life Is Not A Snapshot. Because of this, unfortunately, little new ground is gained.

Music Review: Brandon Heath, "Leaving Eden"

When you've got a year's second most played radio single to your name, there's much expected from you. Does Leaving Eden measure up?

Britt Nicole Bio

Boldness is generally associated with youth and they say wisdom comes with age, but rarely does one person simultaneously possess both in abundance. However, Britt Nicole isn't your average twenty-something....

Chris August Bio

I realize that it would be smarter for me to have someone else write my bio. I've? never been the best writer, and I'm not exactly sure how to keep your interest with captivating phrases explaining why you should listen to my music. What I can offer is a genuine look into my past, present and God willing, my future....

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