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Jeremy Camp Discography

  • Jeremy Camp Live (2009)
  • Speaking Louder Than Before (2008)
  • Beyond Measure (2006)
  • MORE...

Music Review: Addison Road, "Stories"

After a year of unbelievable struggles, Addison Road is ready to "Fight Another Day", with Stories.

Bebo Norman Bio

Bebo Norman likes to restore things. He drives a refurbished Ford Bronco from the 1970s and thinks he'd be good at fixing up old houses someday. And whether it's clear to him yet or not, he has stripped a storied career in acoustic pop music back down to its basics...

Music Review: Amy Grant, "Somewhere Down The Road"

Her first truly new record in seven years is a collection of songs old and new, built around the theme of a journey through hope, pain, joy, and sorrow.

Amy Grant Bio

With six Grammys, numerous Dove Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and numerous other accolades to her credit, Amy Grant is an American music icon who has erased lines between genres and earned the respect of fans and peers with her honesty, vulnerability and ceaseless creativity...

Josh Wilson Bio

Talk to singer/songwriter Josh Wilson for very long, and you're bound to get a laugh. He infuses humor into even the minor detailsâ ”like the "No Thanks" section of his liner notes...

Carrie Underwood Bio

Carrie Underwood's career is the stuff of dreams. Possessed of that rarest of combination--undeniable talent, an extraordinary work ethic, and girl-next-door likeability....

Sanctus Real Bio

Modern Rock Album of the Year winners Sanctus Real could barely muster the will to write and record, let alone deliver the new album its label anticipated. Discover how the four band members found the courage to fight back.....

Laura Story Bio

Like the twists and turns of a mountain road, Laura Story's life has held its share of unexpected moments - some exhilarating, some terrifying, and some simply beautiful to behold....

Christy Nockels Bio

When Christy Nockels was a child, there was plaque on the wall in her house that read: "CHRISTY, follower of Christ." Psalm 37:4-6. On the back, her mom had written: "If Christy gives her heart to Christ, He will show her where to go".....

Music Review: Jeremy Camp "Live"

Camp and his band crank up the electric guitars and drumsticks. Does it convey the full concert experience?

Nichole Nordeman Bio

Nichole Nordeman grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in a well-to-do home, playing the piano in church, going to a Christian school. But when her parents divorced when Nichole was 18, things changed dramatically......

Aaron Shust Bio

There is no formula for creating an overnight success; no equation that will always yield an instant hit. Nor is there a manual for melding an irresistible, hook-laden melody with heartfelt lyrical honesty.....

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