Sacramento Teenager with Terminal Cancer Helps Grant Wishes

Sammie Wishes It Forward Again

Hear Sammie tell her own story in her own words: 

As a Make-A-Wish Kid, who went on an amazing trip to Disney World back in 2013, and as a longtime Make-A-Wish Ambassador, Samantha has wanted to spread the joy that she felt to other children. Working with her father and longtime family friend Russel Okubo, owner of Aji Japanese Bistro in El Dorado Hills, Sammie has made just that happen for a number of local wish children.

Sammie was born with a rare bone disease that affects only hundreds of people across the globe. Because of that disease, she was made more susceptible to receiving cancer diagnoses in the future. She would be diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2012

Her wish, a trip to Walt Disney World Resort® granted in 2013, "changed her life forever" Sammie would say.

"It gave me a lot of meaning," Sammie said. "I realized I wanted to go support the other children dealing with these illnesses they don't deserve. So I started volunteering and in 2017 at St. Francis, my high school, and they asked me what's my dream job. I said I wanted to be a spokesperson for Make-A-Wish. The next week, they made me an official Make-A-Wish Ambassador."

Unfortunately, Sammie would suffer a second cancer diagnosis, this time, Rhabdomyosarcoma, while the world was in the midst of the pandemic. Just within the past few weeks, the aggressive form of cancer metastasized into her brain, leaving doctors with little recourse, admitting to Sammie and the Dacong family that her cancer was now terminal.

"My last request is to grant another wish for a child before I pass away," Sammie said, bravely through tears.

Please help fulfill this request for Samantha who has always put others before herself. Even through the most difficult time in her's and her family's lives, Samantha's heart and passion still lie with granting a life-changing wish to a child battling a critical illness.

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