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7 Thoughts that Will Change Your Marriage

Can I change my spouse? Do the kids always have to come first? What if I'm not happy in my marriage?  
I want to share with you 7 thoughts that, if we really understood them, could transform your marriage!

5 Ways to Protect Your Marriage on Social Media

Did you know that 20 percent of divorces involve Facebook?  Sure, social media can be fun and largely harmless, but if not approached carefully, it can destroy a marriage - with emotional (and even physical) infidelity. 
Here are five ways you can guard how you and your spouse conduct yourselves on social media.

Anger: A Toxin in Marriage

Too much of almost any emotion is likely to cause some level of destruction.

10 Tips for Praying as a Couple

A binding unity occurs when you clasp your hands in another’s hands and lift your hearts to the Lord together.

Unforgettable Christ-Centered Marriage Proposal Caught on Video

Rediscover How to Date Your Spouse

Many couples get so busy they don't take time to nurture the foundation of their family: their marriage and their relationship with each other.

Learn how to nurture that relationship – and one of the great ways to do that is by dating your mate.

8 Ways to Date Your Spouse Without Breaking the Budget

Not all your dates have to be as extravagant as an episode of The Bachelor.  With a little thought and creativity, you can create big romance with a small budget.  Here are some suggestions...

7 of the Greatest Needs of a Wife

I have learned some principles that run fairly consistent within each marriage. There are common needs most men and women bring to a marriage in order to make the marriage the best it can be.

Here are 7 of the greatest needs of a wife.  Men, are you paying attention?

5 Ways to Keep Marriage Strong

Marriage is no walk in the park. It is a road full of really hard choices, ridiculous selflessness, and constant service.  My husband and I take this seriously, and try to live out this kind of love each and every single day.  More than anything, we have committed to five things to keep our marriage strong…

Contentment: A Key to Keeping Your Love Alive

In our marriage, I have learned that even though some of the things I want are good things, accepting and being content with what God has given us can be the best thing. And that choice can make all the difference in our happiness together.

15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Marriage

If a couple spends as little as fifteen minutes a day sharing their stories with each other, in a short period they each will begin to understand the other.

8 Surprising Things about You That Are Attractive to Your Husband

Have you ever wondered what makes your husband tick or get that gleam in his eyes? After a little research, I found eight surprising things that your husband finds attractive about you.

AMAZING PROPOSAL! Godly Man Asks Kid's Permission For Their Mom's Hand in Marriage

You HAVE to watch this!  This loving man wasn't just asking his girlfriend to marry him, but he also asked her children for her hand. The whole wonderful event was caught on video before the couple's church family! 
This guy should get a trophy for Most Romantic Godly Marriage Proposal!

Father Cuts In On Bride And Groom Dance

Is it Okay if My Spouse Doesn't Come to Church?

If two spouses who are believers aren’t attending church at all, whether separately or together, that more than likely points to a foundational problem in the marriage.

5 Things You're Not Doing for Your Wife (And Should Be)

Husbands, do you ever wish that your wife came with an instruction manual of how to make her happy? Ever find yourself wishing there was a YouTube video explaining step by step how to love and cherish your wife well?

Mom Gives Her Adopted Daughter 20-Year-Old Note at Her Wedding

How did this mother bless her daughter's wedding day?  By writing a love note to her - 20 years prior and revealing it right on her daughter's wedding day!

Why even try to choke back the tears?

What We REALLY Hear! (Modern Marriage Moments)

What a hilarious reminder - there IS a difference between the genders!  What does your spouse REALLY hear in your words? 

This SLIGHTLY exaggerated look will have you LOL'ing!

Preserve Your Marriage by Making 5 Smart Money Decisions

Here are few practical steps every couple (married or engaged) can take to protect and strengthen their relationship, while implementing sound financial habits.

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