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The World Is Big

The world is a very big place. I can’t help but note that every time I fly in an airplane. And while some might be intimidated by earth's girth, I am inspired by it.

Financial Vacation Advice

January is fast-coming to a close and February is on the horizon. How are your vacation plans coming along? If you are wondering whether or not your budget will accommodate an added vacation expense then I have a thought.

Consider A Cruise!

Greetings my fellow vacation thrill-seekers! I am in a fantastic mood as I write this. Of course, I am in between shuttling my children around this afternoon, but I am THINKING about whisking away to feel the warm embrace of the golden Caribbean sun!

The Travel Calendar

It is critical that if you want to travel this year, you start right now with a little planning. Believe me, time is already running out!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my travel BFF’s. Wow! What a year it has been but I am even more excited about what is just over the horizon. 

The End Is Near

We are in the final Christmas stretch (for those who celebrate) and it is getting exciting. My comfy pants are already a little tight just thinking about the Chex Mix...

Travel Hack - What Is A CVB

My name is Erik Hastings and at this point, I am out of Elf On A Shelf ideas. Alas, Christmas is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. The good news is, other people have come up with lots of Elf ideas, the inspirational hacks were just a web browser search away! Speaking of, did you know...

What Is Peak Season?

Greetings my fellow vacation thrill seekers! The Christmas season always brings me joy! I love buying presents for my children, I love decorating the house and I love seeing their faces as they unwrap each gift. But seasonality got me thinking about the “visitor seasons” of every place in the world. 

We Made It Through Thanksgiving

For those of you that survived Black Friday, congratulations and welcome to the home stretch of 2022. Hopefully you had an amazing Thanksgiving as I did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! The treatment our ancestors gave the indigenous people of this land (The United States) was almost unforgivable. But, regardless of where you stand on this issue, I believe it's important to get educated on the matter.

Grocery Store Vacation Inspiration

Need Travel Inspiration? Head to the Grocery Store! That’s right, your local supermarket is full of fantastic food inspired by or imported from every corner of the globe.

Look Now For Deals

This time of year, we often lose our attention on vacation. It’s certainly easy to. My children are still young enough to go trick or treating which means we have an influx of sugary candy lingering about. 

The Weather and DC

This week, I am exceedingly thrilled to announce the Spiritual Heritage Tour in Washington, DC. Yes! We will explore Washington, DC together next Spring along with my good friend former Georgia Representative Doug Collins.

I Love To Drive To Vacations

We all have different situations. Mine? I am fortunate in that I get to work from home when I am not filming my travel television series.  

Why I Love To Cruise

Greetings my fellow vacation thrill-seekers! This week, I’m taking a moment to discuss the biggest reasons I love to cruise. It’s true, I am a convert. I stepped on board my first cruise ship in the early 90’s and have never looked back.

To Fly or To Drive

I was lunching with a friend of mine the other day and he was lamenting about his next travel adventure. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go, but he knew he wanted to get away and he wanted to take his girlfriend. I sat there almost dumbfounded as I realized this was a real issue for him.

Find Your Center

The final stretch of 2022 is underway! Many of you will be traveling within the next 90 days and I want to make something very clear. Taking a vacation or time away to visit family and friends can be very stressful. 

Think Ahead of the Pack

This past week, the first day of Fall arrived. Already here on the East coast the temperatures have begun to drop below 70, football has started and I’ve been having dreams about large portions of Broccoli Cheese Soup with crusty bread. 

Not That Many

Ugg. My children are getting big. They are growing up way too fast. Isn’t it curious how when you’re having fun time just wizzes by yet when life serves up some heartache, time grinds to a screeching halt? Of course, this time-contraction sensation is all in our mind. 

Thanks To The Road Crew

Happy Labor Day Weekend! It is my hope you are or just returned from an amazing vacation with your friends and/or family. I just got home from an amazing cruise in Alaska with Holland America Cruise Line.

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