Sacramento Water Festival And Conference (10/30-11/3)

The 2019 Sacramento Water Festival and Conference is an international symposium and festival which has as its theme “Peace & Preservation,” will highlight different aspects of fresh water governance as it relates to Agriculture, Business and Innovation, Climate Change, Economic and Environmental Development, Energy, Water Quality, Water Scarcity and Orisa security in the new age of intolerance. The Symposium and Festival will feature paper discussions, special sessions with guardians of Freshwater in Traditional societies, demonstrations, visual arts and performances which will raise awareness about the role of water on earth and our responsibility as dwellers of the land. The Sacramento Water Festival will feature local food vendors serving delicious food that you don’t want to miss! There will also be live concerts featuring multicultural performers, nonfood vendors, activities for children, art exhibitions, and many more activities and in celebration of Water. For more information please click on the link:


Discovery Park
1600 Garden Hwy, Sacramento, CA 95833
Sacramento, CA 95833
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