You Wonder What is the Secret to Tom Brady's Success?! | Get Your Brave On

You are stronger than you think!  You wonder what is the secret of athletes like Tom Brady?! How do they become so successful and seem to defy age. I don't think it has much to do with genetics.  Tom Brady uses this secret mental hack to maintain his focus and win. 

He believes he can. I heard that the week before the Big Game, Tom was texting his teammates, "We are going to win!".  Tom Brady is an incredible athlete because he has a winning mindset. 

What if you took advantage of Tom's superpower, and you set your mindset before your day.  

"I'm going to get the job today."

"I'm going to land that new client." 

"I'm going to get an "A" on my test"

"I'm going to bring peace to my home today."

"I'm going to meet my soul mate." 

You are brave. You are strong and courageous, because God goes with you wherever you go! Whatever you are facing today or will face, remember you have an army of angels fighting for you! If you'd like more inspiration to #GetYourBraveOn listen at 7:40am every weekday morning with Amanda & Matt on 103.9 The Fish and subscribe to the podcast!

"And the Angel of the Lord appeared to  him and said, "The Lord is with you, you might man of fearless courage!" -Judges 6:14-16

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