A Father's Fight wins "Best Feature"

You Will Feel Better About Your Teen Driver After This! | VIDEO |

Teaching your teen to drive is easily one of the scariest things a parent can do. They just don't think things through and you just never know what they are going to do next. Thankfully we usually survive and become decent drivers. 

Hopefully this will give you hope that your teen is not the worst. There's a man in Poland who has spent $1000s of dollars on drivers training hoping to one day get his license. However, after 17 years and 192 attempts he has yet to pass the driving test. At this point I'm not sure, even if he passed on 193, that I'd want him on the road. 

Below is actual footage of his latest driving test...at least how I imagine it. And yes this is a joke that's supposed to be funny. Just so you know this video is about to become your go to on a bad day! I can watch this video and laugh for hours.

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