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What Lie Are You Believing?

What are some things you believe about yourself that others around you might say aren't true? For a long time, and still today, I have always had this belief that I was not good enough. I made too many mistakes to truly be loved, I am ok at my job at the very best and just one mistake away from complete and utter failure in my personal and professional life despite those around me saying the exact opposite.

Recently God has been working to try and show me the flaw in my thinking and the most pronounced example was back in January while taking a flight test related to my pilot's license. I passed the test, and the gentlemen administering the test even complimented my flying when we landed. A man with over 10,000 hours of flying time and does 30-40 tests like this a month, from brand new pilots to ones getting jobs at major airlines. But none of that mattered because at one point I didn't do as well as I THINK I should have done. (I want to make clear it was within regulations but it was not perfect in my eyes there it was not good enough). Because of that, I lacked the confidence I needed to go and fly in clouds which my new endorsement allowed me to do.

Jump forward to this last weekend, I had arranged a flight with an instructor to 'test' me so I could prove to myself I was good enough. Not only did I do AMAZINGLY well, after not flying for nearly two months, I found out the only thing the examiner let me slip on was a 'fun fact' piece of info we don't use in real life I didn't know (but know do).

After that flight, I was on cloud nine and God used that opportunity to remind me I am better than I give myself credit for and I need to stop allowing Satan's lies to hold me back from doing what he wants me to do! It's been reinforced with conversations with my boss here at the station and many other things, I need to stop believing the lies and start following God's truth.

I don't know what lie you are believing but I would challenge you to talk to someone you trust, who knows you well, and ask them if your belief lines up with their experience. We are often our worst critics and sometimes we need outside perspective to reset our thinking.

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