What Do You Do When You Feel Alone and Distant From God?

I love what we do here at The Fish, we're here to encourage you and feed your soul. God uses this station in AMAZING ways every day, but what happens when you just feel alone and distant?

I was struggling with that all day yesterday, which is funny because I was around people and in meetings all day, so why so alone? This is where you're expecting some fancy solution, maybe a verse or something, where God spoke clearly and everything was fixed, but that's not exactly what happened.

I continued to feel alone and distant for a long time, but I also found myself turning to God. It's almost as if he took a step away so I would take a step after him. Maybe it's all part of God helping me to follow him. I know what it's like to be with him and I hate feeling disconnected. I believe God allows or sometimes makes us uncomfortable so we will put in the work to change.

As I said, I've not had my 'ah-ha' moment yet, but I do know God is good. If you're feeling alone and distant like me today, remember God is not gone. Maybe he is using this as a means to grow and change us. The thing is, change happens one step at a time.

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