WATCH! Walking through a difficult season of your life?  This Will Inspire! | Amanda & Matt

Walking through a difficult season of your life?  Get ready to be profoundly inspired to keep going!  Meet Gary Miracle. Gary lost a portion of all of his limbs in a terrible accident.  However, he refused to quit.   

He is the inspiration behind Mercy Me's newest song, Say I Won't. Gary was  Mercy Me’s first ever merchandise guy years ago, and they’ve been friends with him and his family ever since. 

Gary’s story of unmatched perseverance and reliance on God inspired the band to write “Say I Won’t.”  It’s also a story that has already inspired others to look for their own #SayIWont moment. There is a reason his last name is Miracle!

Watch this mini-documentary about Gary, Mercy Me just released.  It's truly powerful! Listen for Mercy's Me's new song "Say I Won't" starting, Monday, March 22 on 103.9 The Fish Sacramento!


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