Turns Out God Doesn't Only Use Donkeys

Many of us have heard the Bible story with the talking donkey in Numbers 22, where we learn God won't stop when it comes to making his point. This week God has been using my dog Ginger. She's awesome but her time here is limited since she has cancer, but God is using her to teach me.

Last night while petting her, I realized how much I enjoyed just spending time with her. We weren't doing anything; she was just there. At that moment God gave me a thought, I don't need to earn His love he just wants to be with us. Obviously, it's great when we obey and don't poo in the house but ultimately none of that matters if he can spend time with us.

Today I want to encourage you, take a minute to hang out with God even if it's doing nothing. It might surprise you how quickly God will show up when we slow down long enough to give him the chance.

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