Time for a Social Shutdown? Top 3 Ways to Cope with Election Day Stress!

1.  Consider a Social Media Shutdown.  Tensions are highest online, where people are more apt to say negative things and get in online fights because they can remain somewhat anonymous.  Studies show taking a break from your social media can improve your psychological wellness. The break can help you re-evaluate your responses to conflict, and can give you a great excuse to get away from your screen and get outdoors!  We all know that helps.  

2.  Scripture and Prayer before Screens.  Before Jesus met with crowds waiting to hear from him, he went away to meditate and pray.  We are making critical decisions at the voting booth this year.  It can't hurt to set your alarm a little early tomorrow to spend time reading a devotional, a scripture, and a prayer asking for God's wisdom, and praying for our nation.  Studies show that time in quiet prayer and reflection has a positive effect on our mental health.  It sets the tone for your day. 

3.  Do Something That Brings You Joy!  #GetYourJoyOn with us!  After your start day with prayer, instead of checking your news feeds on Facebook, tune into 103.9 The Fish!  We will be playing all CHRISTMAS MUSIC starting at 6am on Election Day to make you smile, and remind you of the hope that we have.  No candidate is the savior to all of our problems.  We already know the Savior, and His father already knows the outcome and the headlines the day after Election Day 2020. 

We love you and are here for you!  What are your plans on election day?

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