This Quote Changes My Perspective On Life (not the one in the picture)

There are millions of inspirational quotes that sound good and then we forget them. But my pastor shared a quote this weekend that changed my perspective on people and the power or influence they have on me.

"If you wouldn't seek wisdom from someone why would you listen to their criticism?"

So powerful when you think about it, everyone has an opinion but does it matter? Why allow people, you don't believe to be wise on the topic, be impactful when it's negative. I know it's because they, oftentimes, are reinforcing something we're already thinking but it's the blind leading the blind.

I've not mastered this but thinking back over previous discussions it's helped me to rethink how I responded and even made some compliments more powerful. If we use this filter we can save ourselves a lot of heartaches and protect ourselves from giving others control of our lives. 

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