OH NO! What Happens When Your Kid Goes to the Nurse's Office in a Pandemic

BE AWARE! This might be something to warn your family about.  It used to be not a big deal when you get the call that your child is feeling sick at school (or trying to get out of a math test) and wants is in the nurse's office. 

In a Pandemic, a trip to the school nurse is a BIG deal.  Many Sacramento area school districts now have strict rules (as they should) that once a child complains of any Covid-19 symptoms they are sent home and must quarantine for 14 days or have a negative Covid-19 test.  

This could send a family scrambling to figure out childcare, testing, and cause a lot of stress.  It might be time to have an honest conversation with your children about taking small symptoms like a headache seriously, and also never pretend to feel sick to get out of class!! 

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