Love Story: Why a 79-year-old Husband Goes to Beauty School

Undone!  Now this is LOVE!  We love why a 79-year-old husband went to beauty school!  

He went to get lessons on hair and makeup to help is wife who can no longer get ready by herself.  She's loosing her vision, and keeps burning herself when she tries to curl her hair.  They gladly taught him how to curl, and put on her mascara. the staff described the experience:

"He lovingly pulled pictures from his wallet, showing everyone his wife, and boasting about how beautiful she has always been and how talented she was with the skillset of typing over 100 words a minute when she was working.

"Her appearance has always been something she has taken pride in and it's important to her so therefore important to him.

"They look after each other and still have love and admiration for each other — that had all of us in tears after he left a very special experience.

He doesn't even want recognition for it!  He requested that his name be kept anonymous, and only allowed that picture to be shared.  It's so nice to see someone doing something for love, not for likes and shares. 

They've been married for 50 years!  Now this is what to look for.  Who cares about the size of someone's 401k or job title.  You want someone that is willing to brush your hair when you no longer can. That is love! 

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