How Selling Lemonade Became A Modern Take On A Classic Bible Story

So often when we face hard times we allow it to control us or get us down. We could all grow up to be a little more like Liza Scott. She's 7 years old, needs to have brain surgery (which fun fact is expensive) and she was not going to let that get her or her family down. She started selling lemonade to help pay for it. Here's the worked! She is currently sitting on $300,000 to help pay for her surgeries, all because she had an idea and believed it could happen. (See more about her HERE).

Now you may be thinking...what about this Bible story. Throughout the gospels, Jesus repeatedly discusses the importance of childlike faith. Unless we "become like children, [we] will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Liza had faith selling lemonade would make a difference and took those steps of faith despite what the world may have been telling her.

It's challenging. I am currently amid a 3 month fast because I have not been able to trust God's promises. For the last 20 years, I've been waiting and it's hardened my heart but then came the challenge, what steps of faith am I taking to see them come to pass?

I don't know where God is working in your life but are you taking any steps of faith that would allow him to work?

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