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How Another Stay-at-Home order will affect Schools and Churches | Amanda & Matt

You might want to order a bunch of groceries, and get your nails and hair done this weekend. Governor Gavin Newsom says he will issue a Stay-at-Home order if our hospital capacity dips below 15%.  If the trends continue, that could come in a couple of days. The order would last three weeks.

This means you'll likely be working from home again, retail businesses will be limited to 20 percent capacity while all playgrounds, salons and barbershops, museums, movie theaters, wineries, bars, casinos and amusement parks must close entirely.  


Places of Worship will have to go to outdoor services only.


According to the Governor, the stay at home order does not affect schools that have already reopened for in-person classes.  Unless, the district itself decides to go back to fully remote learning.


Hope remains.  Christmas is not cancelled.  Remember, there are no emergency press conferences in heaven today.  God knows.  God always has a plan. 

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