Guy Fieri's Parenting Hack For Picky Eaters

Trying to get kids to eat anything other than chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and pizza can feel impossible sometimes. But Guy Fieri shared some tips to help...who knows they may work on the big child in your house too!

First, don't focus on cooking kids' meals, especially when they are young! Introduce them to a bunch of different food to help them learn to appreciate it. Seems easy enough but if you're already past that phase of your life he still has one more suggestion for you.

Invite your kids to be part of the cookie process. It may cause a bigger mess and slow you down but it will get them excited about what you're cooking and they will see what's in it. Who knows through the process they may learn to appreciate food and be willing to give it a try, they did slave over a hot over after all. (Though you may want to keep them away from the actual oven).

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