Feel Better Now: STOP Expecting Calamity!

One thing to STOP expecting today: Calamity I read yesterday that 55% of Americans expect Election Day 2020 to be one of the worst days of their life. NOOOOO! We must change this negative momentum.
Pattern Interrupt that junk. Instead of expecting calamity around the corner, expect HOPE. Bravely move forward with the confident expectation of good things from God today. Wake up as if your prayers are already answered!
It says in Proverbs, "Your thoughts provoke your life." What if today instead of adding to the worried chorus of complaints, YOU were the one that shared good news, stayed hopeful, smiled.
I woke up this morning and put my new leather spanx leggings on, my favorite black high heel booties, and topped it off with my leopard print scarf. I literally got my "Brave" on by wearing clothes that make me feel like a rock star. haha! Whatever works! Decide to be invincible today. I will not allow my circumstances to rule my emotions. The more of us that enter the state of Election Day 2020 feeling like rock stars then the more unity and optimism will REIGN in America.
I mean this is the land of the free and the home of the brave! It's time to act like it!

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