End Crippling Fear! Mercy Me's, Bart Millard, on Bravery and the story behind the song, "Say I Won't"

What to do when fear is crippling with Bart Millard from Mercy Me.

What he's reading, how he gets his brave on, and his new anthem on facing fear, "Say I Won't".

When someone expresses that they don't believe in you, squash your dreams DON'T LISTEN! The only person's opinion about you that matters is God's. I LOVED my Zoom chat with Bart Millard from Mercy Me. He was fun, vulnerable, and always inspirational. I learned that Bart values consistency in his life, so much that he gets the same drink from Starbucks EVERY day.

He also reveals a lot about his personality while describing the book he recommends to everyone, The Cure, by John Lynch. He says,

" If you've ever grown up in anything remotely legalistic, struggle with doubt and shame, and letting go of your past...and having a hard time believing that on your worst possible day Jesus is not only okay with you, but in love with you, this book will set you free." -Bart Millard on The Cure

Oh and how you will LOVE the story behind his new song, "Say I Won't". He wants it to be your anthem for pushing through fear and doubt and BELIEVE that you can do anything with God on your side.

if you prefer, the full audio podcast, here you go! Listen, enjoy, and #GetYourBraveOn today. Love, ac

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