#1 Thing Mom Wants for Valentines Day is Time Alone?! | Amanda & Matt

Do you agree?  A new Valentine's Day poll found the #1 thing moms want this year is for everyone to just LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Me-Time is the most requested "gift", and it makes sense.  After 10 months of lockdowns, homeschool, hybrid learning, working from home, and trying to balance all the emotions of family dynamics in a pandemic mom's WANT A BREAK! 

The average mom would love to get at least 13 hours of "me time" a week, but it rarely happens. Here is an idea on how to make that happen for mom this year:  Book her a hotel room!  Schedule a massage or a facial, and allow her to relax all day AWAY from home. Then take her out to dinner!  Yes, it's really that easy to make mom's Valentine's Day Dreams come true.  

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