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No more bad news! When Good News happens, we break in. Weekday mornings at 6:05a, 7:05a, and 8:05a with Amanda Carroll on 103.9 The Fish.

Do You Know Your "Why?" 3 Questions to Find Your Purpose | Amanda Carroll

The secret to getting back on your feet after a plot twist in life is to find the ONE THING that motivates you more than anything else in life to rebuild. Ask yourself "why"...  A month after my ex-husband suddenly left our family for another woman I was barely functioning. My "Sunshines" were 4, 20 months, and 8 weeks old at the time. I'd just gone back to doing my morning radio show from maternity leave and was still nursing. I was a mess.  This is how I put myself back together and you can too. 

This is Your Brain on FB Algorithms

As you are probably aware a former FB employee has revealed documents showing negative effects of social media for teen girls and possible cause of unrest on societies around the world.

After This: How to Move Forward After The Unexpected

There is going to be an "after this" in your life! You just have to find a way to hang on! This is how. Instead of caving to fear in that unexpected moment in life, this is how you can instead cling to faith and as I like to say #GetYourBraveOn.
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