Yuck! Would You Buy The New Reese's candy?

Reese's announced today that it's releasing a new candy called the Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cups. And when Reese's says Peanut Butter Lovers it MEANS IT. Instead of a chocolatey outside cup like on its classic candy, this new treat makes the cup made of peanut butter. And that peanut butter filling? Yeah, it's STILL THERE. The result is a peanut butter cup and peanut butter filling that will have you reaching for a glass of milk ASAP. As Reese's pointed out, only the truest peanut butter fans will know how to handle it. Sounds like a challenge to me!!!! But what about you? Would you buy and try it? 

You can catch these new cups when they roll out nationwide at retailers next month for a limited time and it's safe to say we'll definitely be keeping our eyes out for them. How good would they be with a bit of chocolate too? Oh, I guess that kind of defeats the purpose...nevermind.

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