What People Think of You When You Post About Your Love On Facebook!

We know it's the season of love or whatever, but just know before you post your 37th couple selfie of the month that you ARE being judged.

According to a new survey, 51% of Americans say they judge couples who post about each other too much on social media.

Wait a minute, so you were judging me when I posted this picture last week of me and my wife?!

I guess people are a bit more forgiving on Valentine's Day itself, though . . . only 19% say it's annoying when someone posts a picture of themselves and their significant other then.

All this being said . . . plenty of us are secretly JEALOUS of all the social media PDA, too.  47% of people wish their partner would post about them more, versus 21% who wish their partner would post about them less.

The average person posts about their significant other three to four times a month on social media. 

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