Music Review: Paul Baloche's "Glorious"

Release Date: November 3, 2009 (Integrity Music)




Paul Baloche is one of the most acclaimed worship artists and songwriters of our time.  Winner of two Dove Awards, he has penned radio hits such as "Because of Your Love", "Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)," "All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises" and "Our God Saves" and he has written top-ranking CCLI songs and modern-day classics including "Above All", "Open the Eyes of My Heart", "Offering" and "Your Name." Integrity Music is honored to present Glorious, an all-new collection of songs that reflect his heart, and his passion for the Church.

"'Glorious' is about the adventure of being led by a living, active God," Paul says. "It's about looking beyond the cross, to look behind the mystery, to see the risen Savior. For us to live in the new covenant idea that Jesus Christ is alive in us. Instead of only looking back 2,000 years, we see the risen Christ now. Learning to be led by His Spirit, guided by His Spirit, and to discern the language of His Spirit."  Paul recalls, "My pastor told me that â Glorious' feels like an answer to â Open the Eyes of My Heart.' That original cry of my own heart. â Glorious' paints a picture of seeing Jesus for who He is, as the risen Christ and the living God."

The album's first single, "Just To Be With You," offers a different, though no less profound, view of our God and our reliance on Him. "'Just To Be With You' is simply about intimacy with God," Paul says. "With all of the stuff in this world that overwhelms us, no matter what happens, â all I want is to be with You' as I'm walking through this life."   

The live recorded songs are a great attraction, which is how these songs are meant to be experienced, as corporate worship with other believers.  Paul's songwriting ability is really displayed in two familiar songs on the album, "Today Is The Day", also recorded by Lincoln Brewster and "A New Hallelujah", also recorded by Michael W. Smith.  If you like the original versions of those songs, you'll also enjoy Paul's versions.  Another highlight for me is at the end of the song "To The Cross", where Paul prays along with his congregation and lifts up his voice in praise and worship to our great God.

Closing Thoughts:
If you've liked past hit songs by Paul Baloche including "Open The Eyes Of My Heart", "Offering" and "Your Name", then you'll really enjoy Glorious.  For me, the standout songs are "Glorious", "You Have Saved Us", "Just To Be With You", "Today Is The Day" and "A New Hallelujah".  If you like Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster, you need to add Glorious to your worship music collection.

Glorious Track Listing
1.  Glorious
2.  You Have Saved Us
3.  Just To Be With You
4.  Wonderful God
5.  How Great Is The Love
6.  To The Cross
7.  Today Is The Day
8.  Shaken
9.  We Will Hold On
10.  Almighty
11.  A New Hallelujah

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