Music Review: Kutless, "It Is Well"


When you think of worship artists, which come to mind? Chris Tomlin? Hillsong? Brenton Brown? Matt Redman? There are plenty of others, but one unlikely candidate is Kutless. Sure, the Seattle-based rock act released a worship album (Strong Tower) a few years back, but that was when most of CCM was caught up in the "worship music craze." But, after much prayer and consideration, the guys of Kutless have decided to put forth a second worship project, titled after the group's favorite hymn, It Is Well.

Similar to Strong Tower, It Is Well is a mix of covers and originals. The title-track opens with a traditional choir angelically singing the chorus of It Is Well. A dance/techno beat emerges in the mix before slamming into a wall of crunchy guitars. "Redeemer" is actually a medley of two Keith Green songs, a verse of "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" and a verse and chorus of "There Is A Redeemer." The song starts out subdued but soon becomes faced with gutsy power chords, similar in execution to the title-track.  "Hungry," "God of Wonders," and "Give Us Clean Hands" while solid tracks, leave a bit to be desired (although the "woahs" at the beginning of "Give Us Clean Hands" is a nice touch).
To keep this worship record from being all too familiar, Kutless offers some original worship songs. The album's lead single "What Faith Can Do" has already resonated with many around the country, at one point reaching number one on iTunes' top Christian songs.  Stylistically, "Remember Me" probably wouldn't be out of place on a regular Kutless album. The track is noticeably darker from the rest, but worshipful nonetheless.  Acoustic-driven "I'm Still Yours" brings the album to a close. Though it's one of the softest tracks, it's perhaps the most powerful song on It Is Well; Jon Micah sings, "Even if You take it all away, I know I'm still Yours." This powerful line ties back to the song "It Is Well" in that God will carry us through difficult times, we just have to trust in Him.
Overall, It Is Well is a solid, uplifting worship album. Kutless once again proves that worship can be rockin'.

1.  It Is Well
2.  Amazed
3.  Hungry
4.  Taken By Love
5.  What Faith Can Do
6.  Remember Me
7.  God Of Wonders
8.  You Are Everything
9.  Give Us Clean Hands
10.  You Saved Me
11.  Redeemer
12.  I'm Still Yours

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