Music Review: Jeremy Camp's "Speaking Louder Than Before"


He may have just turned 30 years old, but Jeremy Camp is just as passionate or perhaps even more on fire for impacting the lives of young people than he was during pre-artistry days of youth ministry. That's certainly an admirable place to be, especially for a singer/songwriter who's shattered sales and singles' records. Though rather than grasping for the next notch in his belt, Camp's new album, Speaking Louder Than Before, also makes it evident that faith and family always comes first. 

In fact, that sentiment is immediately apparent on the vibrant Brit-popper "Slow Down Time," which is stylistically reminiscent of Lifehouse's recent material as it talks about unplugging from all outside distractions and sitting before the Lord's throne in praise. The string-enhanced ballad "There Will Be a Day" hints of someday being able to carve out that time, concurrently encouraging those going through strife of any magnitude that there's hope at the end of the heartache. For those who do choose the ultimate life source, the easygoing acoustics throughout "Healing Hand of God" provide a glimpse of that freedom, while the sputtering rocker "I'm Alive" is loaded with spiritual liberation.

The orchestrated rocker "I Know Who I Am" certainly applies to any age group, but is especially empowering for young people trying to find their path in life and facing several pressure-filled snares along the way. "Capture Me" also talks about abandoning any part of one's identity that isn't clothed in Christ with the soft-spoken "Surrender" bringing those reflections full circle as an ode of all-out abandonment. No matter what the topic, Camp once again grows as a writer and vertically focused entertainer whose continuously developing testimony is just as inspiring as the reflections sewn across Speaking Louder Than Before.

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