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With five studio albums now under his belt, Jeremy Camp releases his second full-length live album, shortly after the first went double-platinum. This time, instead of going "unplugged," Camp and his band crank up the electric guitars and drumsticks for the full live experience.
Live is a sensible mix of songs from Camp's repertoire, including hits like "Tonight," "Let It Fade," and fan favorites such as the hard-hitting "Take My Life." Noticeably absent is the heart-wrenching "I Still Believe," but surely this song has been worn out.
The album breaks half way through for a brief message. Camp shares his heart for this generation and encourages the audience to reach out to others by serving and speaking the truth, a perfect segue into "Speaking Louder Than Before."
A few tracks, "Give Me Jesus" and "There Will Be A Day," are powerful and captured well. However, other tracks like "Capture Me," "Give You Glory," "This Man," and "Tonight" feel very underwhelming. The recordings hardly convey the energy that undoubtedly was experienced by the audience. This is often an issue with live recordings and is usually remedied (somewhat) with live footage. Oddly, this live album does not include an accompanying DVD, which could prove to be the album's downfall.

The question arises then - Is Live worth the buy? For loyal Jeremy Camp fans, the obvious answer is yes. For casual fans- probably not. If you're on the fence, I'd recommend picking up Camp's Unplugged album first. Though it lacks his more recent songs, the intimate setting makes for a more authentic and enjoyable performance (plus it includes a DVD).

Jeremy Camp "Live" Track Listing
1.  Capture Me
2.  Give You Glory
3.  Tonight
4.  This Man
5.  Walk By Faith
6.  Hallelujah/You Never Let Go
7.  Let It Fade
8.  Sharing/Speaking
9.  Speaking Louder Than Before
10.  There Will Be Day
11.  Take You Back
12.  Take My Life
13.  Lay Down My Pride
14.  Right Here
15.  Give Me Jesus

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