Bad Things That Can Be Good For Kids

I don't know about you, but I always thought as a parent my job was to protect my kids from bad things. But I guess I was mistaken. It's actually good for them to experience the occasional bad day.

Here are Mistakes and Curveballs You Must Let Your Kid Experience:

  1. Not being invited to a birthday party
  2. The death of a pet
  3. Breaking a valuable vase
  4. Working hard on a paper and still getting a bad grade
  5. Having a car break down away from home
  6. Seeing the tree he planted die
  7. Being told that a class or camp is full
  8. Getting detention
  9. Missing a TV show because she was helping Grandma
  10. Having a fender bender
  11. Being blamed for something he didn't do
  12. Having an event canceled because someone else misbehaved
  13. Being fired from a job
  14. Not making the varsity team
  15. Coming in last at something
  16. Being hit by another kid
  17. Rejecting something he had been taught
  18. Deeply regretting saying something she can't take back
  19. Not being invited when friends are going out
  20. Being picked last for neighborhood kickball

Letting kids fail is crucial for helping them become independent and ready to handle the disappointments that are inevitable in life. What they need most of all is our love and support as they go about the hard and joyful work of learning the skills and mindsets needed to be a thriving, successful adult. 

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