4 year-old comes home and says I have Jesus in my heart.

Levi is our 4 year-old.  We knew that one day he would invite Jesus into his heart, but we were not expecting it to happen today so suddenly.  Mommy took him to church alone while I stayed home with the our 6 year-old Noah and baby Ruby. Levi said he wanted to join mommy in "big church" instead of going to his class, and that's what he did.

After sitting quietly next to mommy through the entire message, Levi heard the pastor invite those in the audience to invite Jesus into their hearts and began to pray. Mommy looked over and noticed Levi was saying the prayer. She did not prompt him and didn't even realize he was paying attention. The pastor concluded and asked if anyone received Jesus today.  Again, without any prompting from mommy, Levi raised his hand. What a moment she was not expecting!  Afterwards, mommy took Levi into the nearby cafe and talked with him about the meaning of what he just did. Levi was very excited, but wondered why mommy didn't raise her hand.  Mommy told Levi that she raised her hand and invited Jesus into her heart when she was his age.

When the two arrived home, Levi walked through the door and said to me, "I have Jesus in my heart." I was floored!  I was not expecting this. Levi then went over to his older brother Noah and asked if he wanted Jesus in his heart.  Noah nodded yes. Then with the help of mommy, Levi prayed with Noah to receive Jesus into his heart. Mommy cried.  What a moment.  What a day. It was the absolute best way to start 2021! We celebrated with chocolate cake.

-Matt Bee (Fish Morning Show)

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